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The services that we offer from our Jacksonville, Florida location are vital to a broad range of both manufacturing industries and equipment maintenance applications. 

Industries that routinely weld heavy sections or fabricate structures that may be difficult or impossible to access for direct visual inspection later, such as for commercial buildings, pipelines, nuclear plants, and commercial or military shipping, must be able to certify as-manufactured weld quality to their customers and to regulators. Initial weld inspection and non-destructive testing guarantees the quality you need. 

Safety-critical or production-critical equipment and infrastructure can suffer fatigue, corrosion, or other damage over time. Non-destructive inspection requirements as part of a regular maintenance program for aerospace, nuclear plants, shipping, military equipment, heavy industry, and civilian infrastructure, help safeguard industry and the public from unexpected events. 


Non-destructive testing is one crucial step in assuring the initial quality of large, heavy components and structures. Once the equipment is deployed to its final location, weld quality and structural integrity can often only be tested non-destructively. We can help.


Whether you prefer to let us handle all your certified weld inspection and non-destructive testing needs, or whether you choose to have us train and certify your on-site technicians, we have the expertise and hands-on skills your operation needs.




Commercial Building

Oil and Gas



Military Bases



Power Plants

Nuclear Fabrication


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